Why Southern Cheer?
We build CHAMPIONS!  At SC, we promote an environment of hard
work and encouragement for our athletes and families.  We have a
new, safe and clean facility, dynamic and challenging classes, and
teams that consistently rise to all of the challenges placed before

At Southern Cheer, Ordinary is Outlawed.  We know that extraordinary
efforts produce extraordinary results and we are committed to this
practice in all that we do.  We are proud to be Outlaws and can't wait
for you to be an Outlaw too!
Please bear with us - this site is no longer getting updated.  We
are focusing all of our energy on our new website going live
soon!!!  Thank you for your patience as we work diligently to better
serve you!  

In the interim, we have linked the 2014 tryout documents below.  
Our current hours of operation are Monday - Thursday 3:30-8:30
and Friday 4:30-7:30.  Feel free to contact us at 770-534-4554 or
at info@southern-cheer.com.  We also have just gone live with a
new smart phone app!  It's FREE and helps you stay current will all
we have going on!  Just visit your app store and search for
"Southern Cheer" - you'll find us there!!  

Tryout FAQ

Program Descriptions & Tuitions

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